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Looking for someone to file your tax returns for your personal finances or small business? With the accurate and affordable income tax services from Polly's Tax Service you can properly file your tax returns without lifting a finger or breaking your budget.


Not only is Polly's Tax Service accurate and affordable, but it is also extremely fast when you submit your information in a timely manner. That means you can avoid the stress and anxiety that comes with a drawn-out filing process and focus on other aspects of your life.


Polly's Tax Service will also work to get the maximum return from your income tax filing so that you can save more money in the long run.


Polly's Tax Service can e-file the following:


•  Individual income tax returns

•  Sole proprietor returns

•  All state returns

File your taxes the easy way and maximize your return

Reduce your risk and avoid errors

When you choose Polly's Tax Service to file your taxes, you'll work with Barbara Greiner, LTC4722c, a professional who has had 32 years of experience in filing taxes. You'll prevent mistakes by having her thorough eye look over and file your information for your return.


If an error is made by Polly's Tax Service on your return, Polly's Tax Service would pay the penalty and interest. However, if the error is a result from customer supplied information, Polly's Tax Service will not pay the penalty and interest.


Call now and set up your first appointment to file your tax returns!


Evenings and weekends available, if needed.